My life. (By WhoDoYouThink?).

Welcome to my life. You won’t enjoy your stay, so get out as soon as you can. Here’s the list of activites:
- Feeling crappy.
- Feeling down.
- Feeling like nothing’s worth living for.
- Feeling like all is your fault.
- Feeling so suicidal you can’t think of anything else.
- Planing on how one should die the fastest way.
- Hurting yourself and/or your friends.
- Keep thinking of how am I still alive.
- Keep being stuck in the past, and all the pain and hate that comes with if.
Have some fun.

infamouspetrichor asked:

Ahoy beautiful person! Once you get this, you should share 5 random facts with us and then send this to ten followers for whom you would like to pass on best wishes and a virtual pat on the back for being lovely!

Hmm, random facts? Let’s see:
1: I will always try to cheer people up, and help them in harsh times.
2: I like pretty much all sub-genres to Metal, especially Death-Metal.
3: I will most likely not agree with anything nice you say about me.
4: Right now I am just sitting alone in my room on my phone and feeling how the despair crawls inside my head.
5: Needlessly to say, my friend’s the reason I am still breathing.

Anonymous asked:

Ok, so you always like and reblog stuff I post and it makes me happy!! Just wanted to let you know that you re appreciated... (:

And I appreciate that you told me it makes you happy! I’m glad it makes you happy/happier. :)

There’s No Title.

Why do I keep telling myself that I am something great? I am just a broken piece, a lost wanderer.

My heart is aching, so is my thoughts.

My feelings, they hurt so bad I wish I didn’t have them.

I wish for nothing more, or less, then finding inner peace. I wish I didn’t turned out to be like this, it’s a shame that wishes never comes true. It’s bullocks, crazy talk.