Anonymous asked:

Do you have a crush on anyone atm?

No, hard to let myself have a crush on someone. Since it’s 135% chances that they don’t love me back. Hence I don’t have a crush on someone, even if I may crave someone’s touch.

Anonymous asked:

I don't think you're fucked up, but hey, I don't know you that well. I just want my brain to let me be happy for once

Then go and force your brain into tricking you that you’re happy. 

And I am quite fucked up indeed, and do you even want to get to know me?

depressingshitpleaseenjoy asked:

Hey! Once you get this, post 5 random facts about yourself and send this to your 10 favourite followers :D


1: I’m ginger, no soul, no problem.

2: I’m a lazy-ass and I enjoy spending time in-front of a screen. 

3: I loooove driving my car.

4: I own a Saab 9-5.

5: Did I mention my car?

Anonymous asked:

He's really sweet. He tells me I'm beautiful and calls me gorgeous every day, he talks about wanting to marry me and have kids with me. He tells me I'm his everything and I make him the happiest. I'm the fucked up one.

Not necessarily the fucked up one, I mean. I’m quite fucked up.  

Anonymous asked:

I've told him how I feel and he reassures me again and again, but I still feel this emptiness and it won't stop. The thoughts kill me. Everyone leaves and if he does, I'll be back to the way I was before, then dead

Hmm. I would say that he needs to show his feelings better. Also, I’m here if you need to talk. And don’t harm yourself in any kind if way.